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What glue is used for conveyor belt joints
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When the conveyor belt joint, according to the conveyor belt material to choose the corresponding hot curing materials, so as to ensure the adhesive strength of the conveyor belt joint.
Hot vulcanization, cold vulcanization joint, joint and mechanical joint is currently USES more of three methods for conveyor belt joint, in these three ways, hot vulcanization joint is the ideal way of joint, by raising the temperature of vulcanizing machine pressure will core glue, rubber fusion in the conveyer belt joint parts, so as to realize the bonding of conveyor belt with high strength, high bonding strength, long service life, etc.
The main materials used in hot vulcanizing joints of conveyor belt are: RIT core adhesive, RIT surface adhesive and hot vulcanizing agent SK823.
RIT core adhesive is used to fill internal layers and voids in hot vulcanized joints. It has the characteristics of high temperature resistance and high adhesion strength, which can enhance the viscosity during vulcanization and enhance the adhesion strength of conveyor belt joints.
RIT surface glue applied to the top and bottom surface of the conveyer belt joint, with rubber core, rubber tensile, wear resistance, to ensure that joint parts under high load transport is not subject to wear and tear, and can further enhance the conveyer belt joint parts after vulcanization impact resistant and corrosion resistant ability, thus more effective load bearing material transport.
Hot vulcanizing agent SK823 is used for adhesive bonding of conveyor belt with core adhesive and surface adhesive.It can enhance the adhesive relay between core glue, surface glue and conveyor belt when vulcanization, so as to obtain better bonding effect.
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