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Introduction of composite autoclave machine process and application range
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1. The method of heating and pressing the raw material of the composite by using the high-pressure compressed gas inside the autoclave to generate pressure so as to complete the curing and forming
The gas source in the autoclave is: air, nitrogen and carbon dioxide
2, prepreg preparation - cutting - coating release agent - stack - molding - after curing
3, molding - autoclave suction, and curing process heat transfer, fiber compaction, resin curing, resin flow, bubble formation and movement, residual stress and deformation
4. Technological advantages
A. The pressure in the autoclave is uniform: because the compressed gas or inert gas or mixed gas is used to pressurize the hot pressing tank, the pressure on the normal line at all points on the surface of the vacuum bag is the same, and the component is formed and solidified under uniform pressure
B. Uniform air temperature in the autoclave: the temperature of heating or cooling gas at all points in the high-speed circulating tank is basically the same. Under the premise of reasonable mold structure, the temperature difference at all points of the sealed components on the mold can be ensured to be small in the process of rising and cooling.
5, wide range of use:
Mold is relatively simple, high efficiency, suitable for large complexity to the skin, wall plate and shell molding, but molding all kinds of aircraft components, jorge pressure autoclave size is big, can prevent multilayer a mold, and molding a variety of complex structure and different dimension of component, temperature and pressure of autoclave can meet almost all of polymer-based composites molding process requirements,Such as low temperature molding polyester composite materials, high temperature and high pressure molding PI and PEEK composite materials, but also can complete the seam /RFI molding process.

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